Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC
Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC

Our Purpose


The purpose of the KSC Amateur Radio Club is to encourage the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Eastern Range (ER) sites.


We strive to promote the positive character and benefits of the amateur radio hobby to the employees of KSC and the local community.


The Club creates a direct benefit to KSC by providing opportunities to develop radio communication skills and support Center operations.



N1KSC 70cm Repeater

444.925 MHz Rx (standard +5 MHz Tx offset)

Analog FM 131.8 tone (in/out) / Digital P25 NAC:A55

Note: no IP based services provided


N1KSC-1 APRS Digipeater

144.390 MHz

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