Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC
Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC

About Us

The KSC Amateur Radio Club encourages the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community of Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Eastern Range (ER) sites.


We strive to promote the positive character and benefits of amateur radio to the employees of KSC and the local community.


The Club creates a direct benefit to KSC by providing opportunities to develop radio communication skills and supporting Center operations.


Membership is open to all badged employees at Kennedy Space Center and Eastern Range sites, as well as retired NASA civil service.  These members are routinely badged into KSC and therefore have access to club activities and facilities on-Center.


The immediate families of those eligible above, to retired KSC contractors, and those who were eligible members in good standing while formerly employed at KSC and ER may also join.  These members are not routinely badged into KSC and consequently do not have access to club activities and facilities on-Center, but may otherwise participate in any club activities not requiring access to KSC.


*from KARC ByLaws

Our FCC licensed club call sign is N1KSC.


We are located at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC).


We are an affiliated club with the Kennedy Space Center NASA Exchange.


We are also an affiliated club of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  


KARC 2018 Officers
President: Jeff Hamilton AA4RT
Vice President: Michael Seay WA4ECT
General Secretary: Jim Hale KA3DHV
Treasurer: Mike Williamson KF4PGQ
Systems Officer: Scott Vangen WB0QMZ
Activities Officer: Vacant
Club IT Manager: Edwin Corporan
Club Station License Trustee: Kevin Zari KK4YEL
About our Radio Operations Center (i.e. Shack)
Our radio operations center is located at the Electomagnetic Lab (EML) Building M6-0336, Room 1015.  Badged employees and retirees can access the EML during operations. The building is located in the industrial area of KSC, the last building to the west between 1st and 2nd street.
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