Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC
Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club - N1KSC


Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds. In addtion, for KARC Members, we have the forums available for discussion on amateur radio and club activities.


5/28/2016 - We now have member FORUMS available! Please register your account (use the Log on button above) using one of the email addresses you used when you joined KARC. As soon as we confirm you are a KARC member, you will be able to participate in the forums. (Keep in mind you can change the email you used to register with to a different one after verification) Thanks, and see you there!


5/26/2016 - Our Twitter feed is now available! Check it out: @N1KSC

4/4/2016 - Facebook is now active at KARC Facebook


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